And you tried to change, didn’t you? Closed your mouth more. Tried to be softer, prettier, less volatile, less awake… You can’t make homes out of human beings. Someone should have already told you that. And if he wants to leave, then let him leave. You are terrifying, and strange, and beautiful. Something not everyone knows how to love.
Warsan Shire, For Women Who Are Difficult To Love (via quotethat)

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this is actually the best costume ever in the history of halloween

parenting: youre doing it right

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please can this spread like wildfire?


fucking unbelievable. I am blown away. 


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In case anyone was wondering what the fox actually says

This made me melt oh my god



That’s the type of noise my cats make when getting ready to fight eachother and other cats…

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This is all i have

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A scared teenager runs away from home and a creepy male trucker attempts to take her with him. This is how strangers reacted.

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Horse… that is all

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"Pssst, spidey, what’d you get for number seven?"

"Dude, shut up! I don’t wanna get in trouble!"

"I got Waterloo."

This is a math test!”

are we not going to talk about the fact that deadpool is writing with scissors

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Can we just take a moment to realize how this child is acting more maturely than half the population of the earth? Kay. That will be all.

forever reglob. 


we should all reglob.


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#so #this is totally clint with his and natasha’s baby girl #dfjdksalfdsa

No. No, don’t do this to me.

Tales from Dunwall → In The Mind Of Madness

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Hitler flirting with Eva Braun.

I don’t know how this makes me feel

It makes me feel very uncomfortable

You know what’s so uncomfortable about this? It shows that perhaps one of the most evil men in history, was a human being. That, on occasion, he could be nice, even flirty. That’s not all. You want to see evil people as evil, screaming horrible stuff over a desk with 20 microphones with 20, 000 people saluting them. The evil is clear and recognizable then. This shows a completely different image, it scares you because that means that evil isn’t a stereotype, that evil is not recognizable, that evil could be anyone. It scares you because this shows that could be lurking inside anyone and you’ll never ever know. Maybe in you? 

i reblogged this literally like 2 minutes ago, but i want this version because of that comment ^

That comment is one of my favorite post commentaries, because it’s completely right. People aren’t inherently evil. Like good, it’s a role they grow and live into. We have just as much potential to destroy as this man exhibited. And it’s a very eye opening experience to realize that.

does anyone even remember that one time hitler attended that luncheon between world leaders, some guests of which even included china’s socialist leader as well as Stalin. And then when they were ordering, everyone was gladly ordering impressive dishes one after the other, but Hitler placed an order for barley tea and a pheasant (considered a peasant’s meal by standard). When he was questioned as to why he would order something like this in something as grand as a world leader’s congress, he replied,

“I don’t smoke when my people cannot smoke, and I cannot eat when my people are going hungry.”

He wasn’t evil for its own sake, let’s try to remember that despite the countless murders, but for a moment, he did actually believe he was doing something for the good of his countrymen.


No, he’s right. Hitler, though extremely wrong in his views, did everything for what he thought would better the lives of his people. It was wrong. It was disgustingly, horribly wrong. But he did not do it because it was evil and he was evil. He did it because he believed it would help Germany and those who needed a better life. Those who don’t understand or even try to understand the human brain will always label men like him as ‘evil’ because it is easier to accept. But he wasn’t ‘evil.’ He felt love and loyalty and responsibilities. He simply took these aspects and morphed them into a twisted, violent thing. 

Tumblr is probably the only place we could have this conversation and not be lynched.

dang son

“Every villain is a hero in his own mind.”

― Tom Hiddleston

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I remember when I saw this movie in the theater, and the overwhelming reaction to this scene was negative. People thought it was abrupt, out of place, baiting, and a weird thing for the two characters to do in the middle of a long stretch of, frankly, nothing much happening.

I thought it was a brilliant little scene. This part of the film evoked a long, difficult journey one step away from danger, where everything is tense because at every stop they had to remember to do each charm and to leave no trace. Harry and Hermione didn’t have Ron to keep their spirits up, had probably run out of everything there was to talk about, and kept an uncomfortable silence because, well, what else was there to do?

And when you can’t figure out anything else to do, sometimes weird stuff just happens. When you’re exhausted, or you’ve been up too late, or you are under a lot of stress, or your blood sugar is low, the weirdest stuff seems funny to you. You say words over and over. You trade insults that don’t make sense with your companions. And sometimes, you get up and dance in a weird slow unpremeditated way because you just can’t talk to that person anymore but you need to know that the world is still real, that they are not a figment of your imagination, and you want them to know that you want to be real to them too.

Exactly this.

But it’s worth noting that a lot of people haven’t ever been at this point. They haven’t been so stressed and so tired and so overwhelmed that you feel the need to get up and make sure things are still real and you didn’t accidentally fall asleep or something, so they don’t understand why you’d do this.

Con people and theatre people get it, sort of. Military people definitely get it. Some parents might get it, if they’ve been responsible for a child with a prolonged and serious illness. People living in poverty get it. But I think the reason the whole “wandering in the woods” section of the book and the movie was so widely ridiculed and poorly received is that comfortable middle class people for the most part Just Don’t Understand Why.


That reminds me explaining this to the whole in-law family I went to the cinema with.


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